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50 Word Story Contest    

We are runinning a 50 Word Story Contest. It's just what it sounds, 50 words and under. Our top prize is close to $1000 in advertising on EWR. If you have a book or a literary magazine that you are promoting, this contest is for you. $1000 in free promotions, ads, social networks emails...[READ MORE]

MFA vs NYC, What?

There is this notion going around literary circles and MFA circles and the circles of NYC, that people have found a distinct difference between literary writing and genre fiction. This chatter goes so far as to claim that the economics and culture of writers...[READ MORE]


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Write on Amtrak

I’m not sure why you feel like writing on a train, but you do. Writing on a train inspires serious creativity. I love writing on trains. I think it might be the clacking of the rails or something. It is NOTHING like writing on a plane. Writing on a plane is a horrible thing to do. Writing on a train is delightful. [READ MORE]

EWR: Short Stories taking Submissions

We are looking for submissions of high quality short stories of 500 words or less. We only publish flash fiction. EWR: Short Stories publishes between 2 and 7 short stories per week. We are always taking new work, and we have a quick turn around [READ MORE]

EWR: Self-Published Authors
We have created our Self-Published and Small Press Autors site to help authors promote their books. You can submit your listing to us and we will be happy to post your book and information on our site. The process is very easy. You can also find new books from new authors [READ MORE]

Literary Magazine   Listings
We have one of the largest listings of literary magazines on the web. EWR was started as a list of 2000 literary magazines. We were the first to rank magazines, and we have a searchable database. We are getting new submissions every day sign search our site or sign up and get listings by email. [READ MORE]

1000 Greatest Poems of all Time
We are building our list of the 1000 Greatest Poems of All Time. We've got the list started, but we need your help to complete it. We are not worried about the order of these poems right now, we just want to reach 1000. Please help us! Add your greats to the list..!  [READ MORE]

Every Day Poetry Taking Submissions

Every Day Poetry is one of the most visited sites for poetry on the web. We are always taking submissions of high quality poetry for the site. We publish between 2 and 7 poems per week. Read the site and submit your work [READ MORE]

Get Every Writer the Magazine FREE
Every Writer the magazine, is a monthly magazine that takes portions of EWR and presents them in a digital magazine format. Every Writer is brought to you in PDF format so it will work on all your devices. Read this magazine on your phone, kindle or ipad and it's FREE [READ MORE]

Book Publishers Listings

We are add new book publishers to our listings every day. For almost 15 years EWR has been listing book publishers, and we have been helping writers find a way to publish their books. Our listings are searchable, and we have a wide range of listings of small and large book publishers [READ MORE]
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