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Kathi Flynn

Author Bio

Kathi Flynn is a mother, teacher, writer, author, entrepreneur, and social media manager. She is very passionate about creativity and writing. She has been teaching for 10+ years and has a blog that offers tips to parents and teachers of children with special needs, especially autism.

She has also been researching and training in the fields of internet marketing and social media for the last 2 years and is now on a path of writing ebooks and assisting others with their social media presence.

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In How To Tweet, The Basics, Kathi Flynn teaches you how to use Twitter in a very simple, conversational tone. After giving you a bit of history, statistics, and definitions, How To Tweet will give you strategies for setting up your Twitter profile (including Twitter on Mobile devices), deciding who to follow, and how to use the Tabs. Most importantly, This first book in the Using Twitter series will offer you the Dos and Don’ts of using Twitter so that you learn the best methods for Twitter success. Once you develop a strategy and adhere to the etiquette advice, you’ll be well on your way to building a following.

Perfect for newbies who need to learn more about how Twitter works, how to tweet, and how to get more followers, How To Tweet, The Basics will answer the most FAQ about Twitter.

Book excerpt

So… you’ve heard about Twitter … (Obviously)! There are now nearly a billion users on Twitter and you must have heard someone talking about it or have recently seen a #hashtag displayed somewhere. You know that people are tweeting about all kinds of things; their favorite recipes, events, television shows, and celebrities. Your favorite celebrities, news anchors, politicians, and brands are also on Twitter. They are tweeting topics that are becoming big trends that everybody is buzzing about. So where have you been? You’re hearing about all the fun… You’re hearing about all the news, branding, and value for business and products… Have you joined the conversation?

Maybe you are very curious about all the hype and you would like to join but are not really sure of how to get started. Maybe you’ve signed up but are not active because you still don’t know how to use Twitter or how to develop a strategy for moving forward. Maybe you just haven’t found the time to read a quick guide that helps to explain it all in a simple and conversational way. Well, hang on tight… You’ve come to the right place….

Whether you represent yourself or your business, Twitter is a platform with tremendous value. This very powerful platform for networking has created raw news, viral campaigns, instantaneous socialization, and entertainment. Are you going to take advantage of the opportunity to inform your potential followers about whatever it is that’s important to you and your business; information, events, products, services? Get in the head of your followers… your little posts, messages, and videos, if posted often enough can become like subliminal messages; getting other people to think about you and what you have to offer in addition to their family, friends, photos, and games.

In this first eBook of the Using Twitter series, you will find out what Twitter is, its history, and a few statistics. You will learn the basics of setting up your profile and the critical dos and don’ts you should follow if you want to be successful. How to tweet? Yes! What’s a # and how to use it? Yes! Who to follow, How to stand out, How to set up Twitter Mobile? Yes!!! Also, read the last part of the book to find out how Twitter is very different from Facebook and choose a possible strategy for using one, or even, both.

Are you ready to join the millions of conversations happening every minute of every day?

Then, read on to find out the Basics of Twitter.


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