Very sorry. We try to list your book as quickly as possible, but right now we are running a backlog of at least 40 week!  This means if you submitted your listing today, the soonest you will see the listing on our site is 40 weeks from now. You can have your listing posted on our site in 24hrs for just $10. This is our priority listing service. It also comes with promotions (we Tweet and email your book). It’s very simple. If you have submitted a book listing fill out the form below and make a payment, and your listings will appear on the site. If you haven’t listed your book with us, go here. Follow the steps until you return to this page, then place your Priority Listing. The cost of a priority listing is $10. Other sites around the web, with much less traffic than ours, charge hundreds of dollars for the same service. We want to make this valuable AND affordable.

If you do not buy a priority placement your book WILL STILL be listed on the site. It will just take much more time.